CheckSite support.

What Windows and Mac versions do you support?

On Windows, we support XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. Note that on Windows 8 and 8.1 CheckSite will always run in the old-style "desktop" mode, we currently have no plans to release a version of CheckSite that runs as a "metro" application.

On Mac we support all OS X versions back to Lion. We also offer a separate Snow Leopard download, but we don't update it as often due to the low number of Snow Leopard users.

The Linux version offered on our website is only tested in Ubuntu, as we don't have the resources to test multiple Linux distributions. CheckSite might still run on other distributions, but we don't guarantee it.

We have also introduced a version of CheckSite for Android phones and tablets, CheckSite Mobile. The mobile version contains the same functionality as the "normal" CheckSite, but has a different user interface due to the differences between mouse/keyboard and touch controls. CheckSite Mobile can be downloaded from Google Play.

Why doesn't CheckSite visit all pages?

CheckSite will only visit links that it has found in other pages. If you have pages that can only be reached by direct links CheckSite will not be aware that these pages are also part of the website. Also, some parts of a website might be part of a restricted "members" area, for which CheckSite does not have permission to access.

My website has many pages, can I do a partial check?

The Preferences window (in the menu, click "Run" then "Preferences") you can set a number of restrictions. Examples include a setting time limit and a maximum number of pages.

I don't care about older browsers, can I ignore checks?

All checks can be disabled. In the menu, click "Checks" then "Enable/Disable" and use the list.

My issue is not listed here

Unfortunately the nature of CheckSite means that there's always a chance your website is constructed in a way we did not anticipate, and can't be checked as a result. If you run into problems while using CheckSite for your website please contact us at Colorize via email (, and we'll do our best to solve the problem.