What we do.

/ Rapid Prototyping You have a business case but not a solution yet? Using the creation of prototypes in a process of collaborating stakeholders we design a sustainable solution for your problem in a very short time.

/ Rapid Software Development We can quickly develop multiple versions of your website, app or software component. Updates follow up quickly. This means you haven't got a period without a usable end product and loss of revenues. This approach enables you to keep serving your end users to their wishes in a very flexible way.

/ Freelance software development & project management You have a temporary open position in your organisation? We'd like to cover that for you! We program Java, ASP (.NET), PHP, Javascript, Objective-C en Swift. We are also able to manage your Agile (Scrum) project.

/ Digital strategy We supply expert digital strategies according to the vision and organizational goals of our clients. It's our objective to create initiative to utilitize todays modern technologies in favor of business. Our specialties are in the fields of the web, mobile and digital advertisement.


Co-op Verdieping21.

Colorize is a member of co-op Verdieping21. Verdieping21 is an innovative communication agency and production company. It's a collective of researchers, strategists and developers who are in search of deeping in 21st centry communication trade-offs. We are convinced of an aspiration towards durable change of modern society. In the eye of the storm Verdieping21 and thier clients work together sending powerful messages to inspire and to activate general public.