CheckSite: find potential problems in websites.

CheckSite is a tool that can be used to find potential problems in HTML and CSS. When making websites you need to keep an eye on two types of standards: the official web standards, which are checked by the W3C Validator, and the unofficial standard of making sure that your website actually works as intended on all commonly used browsers.

The advantage of using CheckSite is that it checks both, and that it does it automatically for all pages within your website. When done, CheckSite will produce an overview of all potential issues found in all pages, including an easy-to-read summary.


Main features

  • CheckSite is fast and user friendly
  • Checks against both web standards, known issues, and best practices
  • Finds links to other pages in your website and checks them as well
  • Gives an easy-to-read summary of the results

The checks

  • Browser compatibility (e.g. does the page use constructs that are known to cause problems in certain browsers?)
  • SEO (e.g. does the page adhere to SEO guidelines?)
  • User experience (e.g. does the page have a favicon?)
  • Internationalization (e.g. does the page use UTF-8 encoding?)

Why CheckSite?

Everyone can make a website nowadays. Or at least, that's what we'd like to think. In reality, even though Wordpress and Content Management Systems have made it a lot easier to put up a brochure website or blog, the large majority of websites is still custom-made. To some extent the W3C Validator and related tools help you with that. However, those tools will not let you know that your images have empty alt texts, or that your icon won’t display on your smart TV’s browser. That's why we developed Checksite: to make your life as web developer or project manager a whole lot easier.

Update 2017: The CheckSite app store versions for Mac, iOS, and Android are now available for free. The downloadable versions remain paid, due to their higher support costs.